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Content Management Systems VS Frameworks and What is a Content Management Framework

Most people are familiar with and default to using content management systems. While I think they are a great tool I feel like there are a lot of misconceptions about frameworks and how they compare. I would like to point out that frameworks are great for the right projects and explain when they are more effective than their content management system counterparts.

Responsive Design Comps Done Right - Tips for Designers

People often say responsive design takes twice as long to develop compared to non-responsive sites. These days there are a lot of great tools out there that make the opposite true. Non responsive sites take twice as long to make compared responsive ones. This is true only if the designer and developer communicate about what tools will be used to develop the site.As a Developer I want to give designers some tips and things to look out for when making their designs.


If you haven’t heard of HHVM it is the Hip Hop Virtual Machine and is an open source PHP engine that uses JIT compilation to speed up PHP apps. HHVM was originally developed by Facebook and it now open sourced with its own dedicated team of engineers.

My new site

This is my new site. Yamiko.org will start redirecting all its traffic here in the near future. This new site looks a lot better than the old one and is a brand I feel I can build on.
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About Me

My name is Robert Parker and I am a full stack developer for Dorey Design Group in Portland OR. I am available for PHP Web Application and HTML5/Javascript projects. Since I have a day job I am only available on nights and weekends.

In my spare time I am contributing to the projects I love or learning a new skill. I have been interested in game development for a while and am learning Unity and C#. When I am not programming I am playing a video game, watching anime or spending time with friends and family.


I focus on custom web applications built with PHP. My applications are hosted on my own server that is managed with puppet. Even though PHP is my focus I am also available for JavaScript, hosting and consulting.

  • Drupal
  • $50/HR
  • Drupal is a content management system that allows you to create content types and organize them into views. It might not sound like much but it makes content editing a breeze. You dont need to know HTML or memorize any short codes.
  • Wordpress
  • $50/HR
  • Wordpress is the most popular content management system out there. Wordpress is easy to set up and use and will work with most hosting companies. If your a local bussiness, juest need a blog or on a tight budget than wordpress is for you.
  • Silex
  • $50/HR
  • Silex is a microframework built with Symfony components. It is secure, lightweight, fast and ideal for restful application and small web applications. It is also great alternitive for static sites and works well with agile methodalagies.

Mark Westcott

My teaching career was at a stand still due to a long cancer battle. Robert Parker created a beautiful website which almost immediately reignited interest in my performing and teaching reputation. I now receive numerous inquires about my teaching and other activities and I am as busy as my schedule permits.

Clinica de Salud

Mr. Parker does excellent work in a timely manner. Since Mr. Parker updated my clinic's web page, more patients have called to make appointments and mentioned the web page.


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