HTML5 Web and Game Development

In Portland OR

My new site and what is to come

This is my new site. Yamiko.org will start redirecting all its traffic here in the near future. This new site looks a lot better than the old one and is a brand I feel I can build on.

The Death of Lume

As you may be aware this is a one man company. I have only been programming for about five years now and feel too new to run a business that makes as much money as I would like to make. Because of that I got a day job as a Drupal developer for Dorey Design Group.

Creating Intuitive Responsive Designs

Responsive design has grown rapidly over the past few years but designers tend to create nifty designs that do not work well with responsive design. Most web design and development companies are finding that responsive sites will take at least two times the amount of time to create compared to the non-responsive sites.

Lume Updates 11/13

I have been busy with the start of my career. A shitty job which I quit soon as I got some more contract work. Shortly after I got a full time job at dorey design group and have been busy between the two. I will be easing out of the contract job over the next few months.

MySQL Search

I am working on adding search functionality to the blog section of my site and wanted to share some info on the subject. Here's a basic tutorial about full text searching.

Bootstrapping In Lume Alpha

Now that Lume is in it's alpha stages I will do blogs with little code snippets here and there. I will explain how things work and planned revisions. Keep in mind that Lume is in alpha so things change and break very often.
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About Me

My name is Robert Parker and I am a full stack developer in Portland OR. I discovered programming by accident when creating a website for my piano teacher Mark Westcott. I fell and love with it and am always sharpening my skills.

Growing up I was intrigued by both mathamatics and the arts. Game development is how I put all of my skills together. I am a licensed Nintendo developer and plan on releasing my first game later early 2015.

Mark Westcott

My teaching career was at a stand still due to a long cancer battle. Robert Parker created a beautiful website which almost immediately reignited interest in my performing and teaching reputation. I now receive numerous inquires about my teaching and other activities and I am as busy as my schedule permits.

Clinica de Salud

Mr. Parker does excellent work in a timely manner. Since Mr. Parker updated my clinic's web page, more patients have called to make appointments and mentioned the web page.


















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