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Mark Westcott

Mark Westcott was a world renowned concert artist. His performance career came to an end due to focal dystonia. Since he has been teaching students in the Portland area and he needed a website to attract new students.

The website is responsive and showcases his recordings on YouTube. The dark color scheme emphasizes power and professionalism.

In addition to the website we helped Mark publish his book titled "Playing with Love", and upload his old recordings to YouTube. Mark Westcott has an ongoing maintenance contract for updating the website a few times a year. His website is hosted on one of our managed VPS plans.

Pocket Key Under Contract to Dorey Design Group

Dorey Design Group contracted to us for the Pocket Key project. After the initial Word Press site was set up Dorey Design came up with designs based on a theme purchased from theme forest. We worked with Dorey Design getting the theme to match the Photoshop comps.

Our main task with this project was to develop a plugin that would allow users to sign up for a Pocket Key before it is launched. Once this form is submitted a confirmation email is sent to them through send grid and they would get a second form allowing them to choose what color they want with the option to share the news on various social media platforms. The settings for the emails and social media is managed with a settings page.

All of this information can be viewed on a separate settings page. An overview of the colors and banks is displayed with the Google Charts API and the submission details is displayed in a table below. The submissions can be downloaded as a CSV so they can easily import it into other programs.

What others have to say

My teaching career was at a standstill due to a long cancer battle. Yamiko LLC created a beautiful website which almost immediately reignited interest in my performing and teaching reputation. I now receive numerous inquiries about my teaching and other activities and I am as busy as my schedule permits. Mark Westcott
Yamiko LLC does excellent work in a timely manner. Since they updated my clinic's web page, more patients have called to make appointments and mentioned the web page. Susana Serna